Who I Am:

My name is Michael Populus, and I am full time freelance photographer based out of Mandeville, Covington, and New Orleans Louisiana. I specialize in Editorial Fashion & Beauty photography, but my passion is people, and I enjoy every chance I get to capture, and be a part of the important moments in people’s lives. Photography has opened so many doors for me to meet so many incredible people and have so many amazing experiences. I appreciate all the people that I get to meet, the places I get to go, and the creative spontaneity that comes with each and every shoot!

Why I Do It: 

I have been behind the lens for 4 years now, but I have always considered myself a visual artist. I have always been fascinated with light, and the way that it creates all that we see. The ability to use line, shape, texture, color, and composition to bring an image to life, and to evoke emotion though those compositions. I think this idea is what drove me to graphic design, and then later to photography. At almost any time of day I can be found behind the lens of my camera, and through my viewfinder, the world that I see is translated, and captured, so that others may also see the world as only I can view it. This simple concept drives me to not only create photos, but visual art that connects with people on an individual level. I love images that not only evokes emotion into the viewer, but also allows people to connect with that photograph on a deeper level. Visual art has been a love affair that has given me the wonderful opportunity to meet and be a part of many amazing peoples lives, and I cant wait to see what is to come!