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Rojo Featured in Elegant Mag

Model: Kaleigh Vaughn
Makeup: Katrina Liza
Makeup Assistant: Megan Dick
Hairstylist: Amanda Byrd
Stylist: Jenee Esquivel

Megan Muhoberac Model Test BTS

Model: Megan Muhoberac
MUA/Hairstylist: Abby LeDoux

Setup for this one is really simple. Most of the day was overcast and the main light is the sun, so we got a really nice even soft light throughout most of the shoot. We used a XL Scrim for parts to either help diffuse or reflect some sun that peaked through, but overall just a very basic simple shoot. Got to work with a new MUA/Hairstylist named Abby Ledoux who did an awesome job on this really clean and classic makeup/hair look. 

Kaleigh Vaughn Model Test BTS

Model: Kaleigh Vaughn
MUA/Hairstylist: Heather Nicole Arthur

Gear on this shoot was super simple. 99% of the shoot was just natural light as is, no bounce or kill at all. Parts of the shoot we used a XL scrim, but due to the wind we decided to switch to a small piece of foam-core. We had both white and black, but most of the shoot called for the fill. We had a background made of a Queen black sheet from Walmart and a old canvas behind it to make it less see through. I managed to get some BTS videos during the shoot, so I put a few clips of each look together in this short BTS.

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Flower Power BTS

Model: Colette Duplantier
MUA/Hair: Amanda Fairweather
Assistants: Katelyn Thomas, Katie Juergens, Alex Callais

For gear on this shoot there is actually quite a bit going on. Main light is a beauty dish, camera left, right above the model with a reflector and 30 degree grid. There is a XL skrim boomed above with a Elinchrom midi octa being shot through it. We placed 2 large kill boards on either side of the model to keep the shadows and add contrast while still having that really clean and soft skin appearance. Lastly I was using a TON of ambient light that was bouncing around the room from multiple large windows. That is the source of light for the background and giving those eyes the pop. 

I didnt shoot a ton of video on this spread mainly because I kept forgetting to press record, so i put together a video with what I had. Not really cohesive, but it gives you a good look at the setup and all the people whos hard work went into these images! 

I recorded the editing of one of the images to give you an idea of what went into these images on the post end. As you will see, the images are perfect SOOC, so it was just cleanup and minor tweaks. 

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Anniversary Shoot

The setup is a simple 1 light setup using a B800 into a Midi Octa from Elinchrom being bounced back into the set via a Lastolite XL Skylight Rapid. 

The background was constructed with 3 pieces of styrofoam coated with a High Steel Grey paint from Valspar. The most labor intensive part of the set are the apple boxes, which took around 4 days to full construct. I went to Lowes and bought 2 sheets of high quality wood and spent a few days in the shop building them. They were then stained and have 2 coats of polyurethane on them in order to keep them from staining clothes. Each box is unique and has its own specific look. I used chains, blow torch, hammer, nails, paint, pretty much anything I could get my hands on to destress them. Overall, I really like what they gave to the photos. 

The last part is the Lastolite which I used the 1.25 diffuser instead of the white bounce. This way we got a slight fill, but not so much that it took away all the drama. I had the bottom of the modifier right at eye level and feather towards the Skrim for most of the shots. In order to get some of the more dramatic lighting I would turn it back into set more. The last thing was a small round reflector just to fill in a slight amount in the legs and floor. We shot the whole shoot with the camera on a tripod using the self timer. 

The post work on these images is actually pretty minimal. Im a big fan of getting it right in camera, and as you can see from raw files below, we didn't really have to do much in post. I did a basic skin cleanup, some toning, and exported for the website. 

First Person Shooter / Katlin Bourgeois

This is something new that I hope to perfect in the shoots to come, but I am calling this "First Person Shooter". My main goal is to start each shoot with a BTS lighting setup explanation, which will be followed by a BTS shoot video. I have a rig to attach my GoPro to my DSLR camera. That will allow me to video the whole shoot in 1st person, and then upload that video as well, so you can experience the shoot as if you were the photographer. Obviously this is a time consuming process and because of that I will try and only do it on shoots that I feel there is something to gain from. With all that said, this was my first test of this idea, and I learned a lot from the process! I definitely have something in the works within the next 2 weeks that should build upon what I wrote above and give everyone A LOT of insight into the shoot!

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