Vincent Pecoraro / Portrait

Brought my photo equipment to AT&T to shoot some holiday shots to use as marketing within our store and decided to grab a couple shots of one of my fellow employees. Literally shot this 1 light in the back of the store in about 10 feet of total space so Im pretty happy with how they came out! Show some love and hit the heart icon at the bottom and leave a comment!

AST Recruitment / Portraiture


Name: Victoria McCarson
Position: President


Name: Bridget Gaffney
Position: Vice President


Name: Caitlin Hampton
Position: Vice President of Operations


Name: Danielle Coniglio
Position: Vice President of Finance


Name: Krista Achor
Position: Vice President of Organizational Development


Name: Rachel Bogle
Position: Vice President of community relations


Name: Stevie Thompson
Position: Vice president of Member Development