Anniversary Shoot

The setup is a simple 1 light setup using a B800 into a Midi Octa from Elinchrom being bounced back into the set via a Lastolite XL Skylight Rapid. 

The background was constructed with 3 pieces of styrofoam coated with a High Steel Grey paint from Valspar. The most labor intensive part of the set are the apple boxes, which took around 4 days to full construct. I went to Lowes and bought 2 sheets of high quality wood and spent a few days in the shop building them. They were then stained and have 2 coats of polyurethane on them in order to keep them from staining clothes. Each box is unique and has its own specific look. I used chains, blow torch, hammer, nails, paint, pretty much anything I could get my hands on to destress them. Overall, I really like what they gave to the photos. 

The last part is the Lastolite which I used the 1.25 diffuser instead of the white bounce. This way we got a slight fill, but not so much that it took away all the drama. I had the bottom of the modifier right at eye level and feather towards the Skrim for most of the shots. In order to get some of the more dramatic lighting I would turn it back into set more. The last thing was a small round reflector just to fill in a slight amount in the legs and floor. We shot the whole shoot with the camera on a tripod using the self timer. 

The post work on these images is actually pretty minimal. Im a big fan of getting it right in camera, and as you can see from raw files below, we didn't really have to do much in post. I did a basic skin cleanup, some toning, and exported for the website.