Flower Power BTS

Model: Colette Duplantier
MUA/Hair: Amanda Fairweather
Assistants: Katelyn Thomas, Katie Juergens, Alex Callais

For gear on this shoot there is actually quite a bit going on. Main light is a beauty dish, camera left, right above the model with a reflector and 30 degree grid. There is a XL skrim boomed above with a Elinchrom midi octa being shot through it. We placed 2 large kill boards on either side of the model to keep the shadows and add contrast while still having that really clean and soft skin appearance. Lastly I was using a TON of ambient light that was bouncing around the room from multiple large windows. That is the source of light for the background and giving those eyes the pop. 

I didnt shoot a ton of video on this spread mainly because I kept forgetting to press record, so i put together a video with what I had. Not really cohesive, but it gives you a good look at the setup and all the people whos hard work went into these images! 

I recorded the editing of one of the images to give you an idea of what went into these images on the post end. As you will see, the images are perfect SOOC, so it was just cleanup and minor tweaks. 

To view the final spread, CLICK HERE!