First Person Shooter / Katlin Bourgeois

This is something new that I hope to perfect in the shoots to come, but I am calling this "First Person Shooter". My main goal is to start each shoot with a BTS lighting setup explanation, which will be followed by a BTS shoot video. I have a rig to attach my GoPro to my DSLR camera. That will allow me to video the whole shoot in 1st person, and then upload that video as well, so you can experience the shoot as if you were the photographer. Obviously this is a time consuming process and because of that I will try and only do it on shoots that I feel there is something to gain from. With all that said, this was my first test of this idea, and I learned a lot from the process! I definitely have something in the works within the next 2 weeks that should build upon what I wrote above and give everyone A LOT of insight into the shoot!

You can view that full collection here - CLICK HERE