Rachel Keiffer / Model Test

Team Credits: 

Model: Rachel Keiffer
Makeup Artist: Courtney Callias
Hairstylist: Kaleigh Vaughn

Originally reached out to Rachel to do another Iphone 7+ shoot but decided I wanted to do something a bit more complex. This whole shoot was set and planned within 2 days, so there was a limit to how much we could really do with so little time, but im pretty happy with how they came out. Overall, goal is always to just keep pushing and moving forward. Whole spread was shot within 2 hours and edited in 1 day, so all in all, really happy and its on to the next one! 

Halei Shaw / Model Test

Here we go again! Iphone 7+ test with Halei Shaw this time. Once again, really liked what I got with the 7+ but this time I decided to take the DSLR shots with a different approach. There is basically no editing on any of them. I went in and threw some basic VSCO presets on them and exported. I always use VSCO on my phone and figured I would do a fair match this time. So, Iphone 7+ with VSCO filters and Canon 5D Mark II with VSCO filters! 

Iphone 7+


Canon 5D Mark II

Lindsey Michelle / Model Test

Model: Lindsey Michelle
Kennedy MGMT

Third Installment in my Iphone 7+ Series. Wanted to try something a bit more artsy on this shoot rather than just doing the normal portrait shoot. Loved what we got on the Iphone and I love what we got on the DSLR even more. Really pleased with the shoot overall, look forward to hearing what you guys think about it! 

And now, on to the Canon 5D Mark II Shots! 

Angelle Folse / Model Test

This is my second post in a series of Iphone 7+ shoots I did. Invited my friend Angelle over this time to test out what the camera on this phone can do, and once again, I was completely blown away! 

Below are the shots that I got with my DSLR. Still super impressed by the shots I was able to get from the Iphone7+ and its insane how close they are. You almost couldn't tell the difference if you look at them side by side.