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Polaroid Instructions

Interested in collaborating with our team? Please read and follow the instructions below and submit your model call info to View page for more details!

Polaroids are natural snapshots intended to show an agency or client what a model currently looks like. It gives the photographer an exact idea of what you look like at the present time, the condition of your skin and hair, the color of your hair, ect. We will use these photos to send to teams in order to find a specific spread that we feel your look fits, or to clients who are looking to hire models for upcoming projects or campaigns. Because of this we want to see you in the most natural way possible. Polaroids need to be up to date and taken with the highest quality camera you can get. Camera phones are ok if that is all you have access to, but try and use at minimum a Point and Shoot. Please read the guidelines below and shoot your polaroids over to “” with the subject line “Polaroids”.


  1. Clean face with NO MAKEUP
  3. Remove all jewelry and accessories
  4. Pull hair back into a ponytail 
  5. Clothing must be simple and show shape ( Ex: Jeans and white tank / bra and panties. )
  6. Photos should be taken against a plain, non distracting wall. 
  7. Try to avoid hard light or flash. Simple clean soft light. ( Natural Light Preferred )

Shots Needed:

Photo 1: Headshot ( Blank Face ) 
Photo 2: Headshot ( Smiling ) 
Photo 3: Headshot ( Profile )
Photo 4: Full body ( Let your body fall naturally with your arms at your side )
Photo 5: Full body ( Profile )